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Saying Hi for the first time on Kotaku, and boldy asking a favor

Hey all,

I've been following Kotaku for probably about 2 years or so now. I've been gamer (not FPS, or hard core, I go in and out of phases, for the last 30 odd plus years. I love the writing and coverage here, I love the comments. My favorite writers are Mike (I LOVE Snaktaku), Patricia, Kirk, and the guy with the awesome Brit accent who narrates games but his name is slipping my mind right now.


So as a gamer, I grew up arcade style, then Nintendo and Sega all the way. These days I'm Wii, Xbox360, 3DS, Vita, Tablet. Like I think more than a handful of us here, I'm old enough to not have all the time in the world for games, but love to get to play any games when I have time.

The reason I'm reaching out to the Kotaku Kinja community: for my work world (IT), I'm going to be working with our Tokyo office for a future expansion as soon as next week. I've acquired some self teaching kits that are quite excellent, but I was wondering if there was anyone in the Kinja-Kotaku-verse that would be willing to be a study partner/sounding board? Is there already a thread for that? Also, my Japanese co-workers have excellent English skills and are incredibly accommodating, but I want them to feel that I am making as much of an effort as they are. Plus, selfishly, I would love to be able to travel to their office and spend a week or two in Japan and hold my own.


Any help or advice, links, programs will be hugely appreciated.

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